I accept commission jobs for all kind of miniatures, such as warhammer fantasy miniatures, warhammer 40.000, Hobbit, and so on.
If you want to know the prices for painting (approximately, per one model, $ - USD), check the table below:
Painting level:
Infantry / Troops

Cavalry / Warbike

Monstrous infantry / Heavy Troops

Vehicles e.g.  dreadnoughts, rhinos, chariots

Big stuff e.g Land Raiders, Dragons

Heroes (normal infantry on foot)


Assembling cost:

material (per one model infantry):

1,5 $1,5-4,5$*1,5-4,5$*

* depend on how many parts has a model 

I prefer to negotiate all conditions and prices before I start working.

If you want to book the commission you have to pay an advance - 15% of the total amount. It's not necesarry if you want me to buy minis for you (in this case you pay just for buying only).

Shipping cost (approximately, express, priority option, less than 1kg):
European Union and larger part of Europe 24$
United States and Canada 28$
Rest of the world 35$

Also, shipping costs depend on the weight and size of a pack

*Dla klientów z Polski kurier UPS w cenie 25 zł.

Delivery time:
Deliver duration depends on your location.
Poland will  take about 2-5 business days.
Europe will take about 5-10 business days.
United States will take about 7-15 business days.
Australia and rest of world will take about 7-20 business days.


I accept PayPal / bank transfer (PLN, USD or EUR)

What does the painting level mean?:

Level - Standard - base colors with 1-2 layers by an airbrush, details with 1-2 colors, washes, varnishes and bases,

Level - Advanced - Base colors + midtones + highlights also with lining technics and washes , special effects like an basic OSL, battle damage, rust etc. Examples:

Level - Showcase - just the best I can do, all advanced technics like a freehands, OSL, NMM etc.

All informations included on this website are for preview only.

Whole armies:

Dark Angels (level 2-3)
Imperial Fist (level 1-3)
Black Templars (level 2-3):
"Yurple" Dark Angels (level 3):
Infinity: The game - Yu Jing Forces (level 3)
Vampire Counts (lv 1;2;3)

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