Workshop - Chaos Space Marine Chosen Champion - WIP

 Chaos Space Marine Chosen Champion

 Work In Progress


Hello !

so, How do you feel after New Year's Eve party? I hope you had a good time ; ) Meanwhile, it's time to go back to work. Currently I'm working on the Chaos Space Marine Chosen Champion. I'm quite satisfied with a brown cape (is it a good word for this part of clothes?). Of course there is still a lot to do. Just check out the photos.

Jak tam po imprezie sylwestrowej? Wszyscy cali i zdrowi? Mam nadzieję, że tak ;-) Tymczasem, czas zapomnieć o imprezowaniu i pora wrócić do malowania. Na warsztat poszedł Champion Chosenów. Póki co, jestem w miarę zadowolony z pelerynki.


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  2. Yes -'cape' is ok. Indeed, it's nicely painted.


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