The Empire - Captain / Battle Standard Bearer

Command group

Painting level: 3 - Hero Advanced
Manufacturer: Forge World
Type: hero / infantry
Scale: 28 mm heroic
Material: resin 

this is the rest part of the Empire Command Set from the Forge World. Very difficult models. Durign painting I had problems with recognizing what is what.... Whatever ;-) I hope you enjoy it !

są to pozostałe modele z Empire Command Set'u z Forge Worlda. Bardzo trudne modele w malowaniu. Największy kłopot miałem ze zrozumieniem rzeźby. Czasem nie wiedziałem co jest co :P No nie ważne, mam nadzieję, że malowanie wam się podoba !


  1. The Empire Captain Battle Standard is an emblem of authority and strength, symbolizing the unwavering leadership of the Empire's formidable captains. Adorned with intricate designs and the Empire's crest, the standard instills fear in enemies and inspires loyalty in allies, serving as a rallying point for troops in the face of adversity.


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