Eldar - Wave Serpents

Eldar's Transporter

Painting level: 3 - Advanced
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Type  Vehicle
Scale: 28 mm heroic
Material: plastic 

as can you see I back to the wh40k. This is a first part of the small Eldar's commission. I really love this oval, streamline shape. Painting was quite nice and also according to the scheduled time. Something new.... :P

- Black and white primer from vallejo
- mecharius solar orange
- averland sunset 
- yriel yellow
- sunburst yellow
- dorn yellow (edge palette)
- lamenters yellow (glaze palette)
- Black Paint Set from Andrea (all six colors)
- Leadbelcher
- mithril silver
-  mordian blue
- enchanted blue
- teclis blue
- lothern blue
- blue horror (edge palette)
- karak stone

Some WIP photos:



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