Eldar - Iyanden Army

Painting level: 2-3 - Standard / Advanced
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Type  HQ/Infantry/Warbikes/Big Vehicle
Scale: 28 mm heroic
Material: plastic 

Part I

so, The Eldars Iyanden Army is done.
(Don't forget to check the first part ;-)). What can I say? hmm I'm really glad how I've done the Eldrad's NMM sword. I've used the andreas NMM paint set and only brushes, zero airbrushing ;-). That's paints are amazing.  What was the worse part of this army? Answer: Warp spiders. The WORST FAILCAST models that I had chance to paint... The cast was.... ok nevermind, forget it. Wave serpent was painted the same (almost ;-)) as two ones before.  I like to paint this model. Eldrad is riding on venom model as a conversion of farseer on jetbike :P He is also magnetized. OK enough talking, check the photos (btw I have big problems to take good ones....):

Dire Avengers are painted on lv 2.

As Dire Avengers, all models in this picture are painted on lv 2.


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