Warmachine & Hordes - Skorne

Painting level: 3 - Advanced
Manufacturer: Privateer Press
Type Infantry / Monstrous Infantry
Scale: 28 mm (?)
Material: metal / resin

this time is a new system which I didn't have a chance to paint before. Painting was quite nice for me, while I can't say that about assembling. PP should consider using a resin. It is horrible, even worse that failcast (less bubbles but worse quality and a lot of displacements of forms). What's more they called that this is a plastic (lol).  Whatever, to taking these photos I've used a new photography stuff like a lightbox and special lamps (2x 7250 lm). After using it I'm almost blind.  I'm still working on how to get the best results... I don't know.. what do you think? I only know that I need to clean up the background twice :P


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