Vampire Counts - Lords of the Night: Vlad Von Carstein & Kondrad Von Carstein

Painting level: 4 - Showcase

Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Type infantry  / hero
Scale: 28 mm heroic
Material: finecast

I haven't had a lot of chances to paint something on my highest level. But this time I had an opportunity to make "brush hot" :D but the finecast is a good cooler unfortunately.... Whatever ;-). Due to my client wanted to have a Vampire Lords  with the magic swords and shields I decided to make some easy conversions. These two swords and shields are from "Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon" kit (two kits exactly). I think in this option minis look better. Original Vlad is definitely too flat, like two reliefs... and Kondrad with those two ridiculous swords with blood... nah.. I had to change them. The biggest advantage of the finecast is that I can easily bend it. I'm not sure if this is visible on the pictures, but I've tried to bend Vlad's cloak. Ok, what do you think??


  1. Woooow! miazga! chyba najładniejsze Wampiry jakie widziałem!


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