Vampire Counts - Lords of the Night: Vlad Von Carstein & Kondrad Von Carstein

Painting level: 4 - Showcase

Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Type infantry  / hero
Scale: 28 mm heroic
Material: finecast

I haven't had a lot of chances to paint something on my highest level. But this time I had an opportunity to make "brush hot" :D but the finecast is a good cooler unfortunately.... Whatever ;-). Due to my client wanted to have a Vampire Lords  with the magic swords and shields I decided to make some easy conversions. These two swords and shields are from "Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon" kit (two kits exactly). I think in this option minis look better. Original Vlad is definitely too flat, like two reliefs... and Kondrad with those two ridiculous swords with blood... nah.. I had to change them. The biggest advantage of the finecast is that I can easily bend it. I'm not sure if this is visible on the pictures, but I've tried to bend Vlad's cloak. Ok, what do you think??


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