Grey Knights - Army

Painting level: 3 -  Advanced
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Type Infantry / HQ
Scale: 28 mm heroic
Material: plastic

Hey everyone !
This is probably the most complicated project that I had a chance to do ever. Each model of this army is fully magnetized. Each model has access to all weapons, some of them can also change the head, like a Draigo for example (sic!). Some numbers: over 330 magnets, over 70 force weapons (each painted with force-NMM style), over 130 add. bitz....  Seriously, very exhausting project ;-) but in overall I think they look great. What do you think?

Some WIP photos. Also after taking an "official's" photos I've made some changes. Like a Crux Terminators symbols -> I've added some bleached colors to create better contrast between stone symbols and metalics-grey armor.


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