Infinity - Yu Ying: The Wu Ming and New Su Jian (Tutorial How to paint orange armor inside)

Painting level: 3,5 -  Advanced Plus
Manufacturer: Corvus Belli
Type Infantry / Heavy Infantry
Scale: 28 mm
Material: metal

Hey Guys!
Welcome after holidays, of course if someone had a holidays ;-) I just want to show you some brand new from the workshop. It's a small part of the Yu Ying's army. I was testing new "painting level" especially dedicated for Infinity's models. I'm very happy with the results, what do you think?

I've also prepared a short tutorial for advanced painters. You can find all necesarry paints on the photo. Each step has been done by an airbrush. Of course the last step was done by a regular brush ;-)

Ferrari Red

Blazing Orange

Fire Dragon Bright

White Scar

Yellow Glaze

Edge Dorn Yellow


  1. Ależ mi się podobają! Świetna robota!

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