Tau Empire (Winter Camo Scheme): XV9 with Twin-linked Burst Cannon and Fusion Cascades

Painting level: 3 -  Advanced
Manufacturer: Forge World, Wargame Exclusive
Type: Vehicle 
Scale: 28 mm heroic
Material: plastic

Hey,I'm back ! Again ;-) I hope, I will upload my blog more often this time. I have done a dozen project till last update. I will show you them later.  I've had a chance to paint some stuff from Forge World and Wargame Exclusive (only 6 small drones), and I have to admit that, the WE has much better quality. Ok, What do you think?



  1. Śliczna armia :) Wreszcie dobre zastosowanie aerografu (na tych pomarańczowych elementach).


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